Round Pasture Feeders
Easy to transport
Round Pasture Feeders
easy to fill
Round Pasture Feeders
no risk of injury

Round Pasture Feeders

Its stable assembly of hot-dipped galvanized round steel pipes offers 15 places for horses to feed. Within the scope of delivery, you will receive a complete system that does not require any further expensive equipment. Our pasture feeders are delivered as self-assembly kits.

Your advantages:

  • 15 feeding places, 2m inner diameter
  • Completely hot-dipped galvanized
  • Assembled by only using round pipes, no edges
  • No sharp edges, not even on the roof, help to prevent injuries.
  • No three-point transport system or similar – no risk of injury
  • Safety feed fence for the highest possible level of safety
  • Roof construction protects feed from all forms of weather.
  • Heavy rain is drained away immediately along the arched bottom; feed stays fresh longer.
  • More secure stability provided by means of a large footing
  • Other assembly options are available for hay nets.
  • Easy to transport with a front end loader
  • A lot of space for horses, even while standing directly next to each other


  • Overall dimensions: 2.10m x 2.50m (d x h) with 15 feeding places
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