Track Conditioner
Type 1 for sand tracks
Track conditioner
Type 2 for sand tracks with fleece/textile, wood chips et cetera
Track conditioner
easy rake adjustment
Track conditioner
coupling for cars, quads et cetera
Track conditioner

Track Conditioner

Its stable frame made of powder-coated round steel pipes offers the basis for a quality track conditioner. Our track conditioner is available in basically two types, each one suitable for your track conditions.

Your advantages: 

  • Our track conditioners have proven themselves more 1,000 times.
  • Type 1 green: for pure sand tracks, with a stationary levelling bar.
  • Type 2 red: for fleece, geotextile and sand tracks, with a spring-mounted levelling bar.
  • Base frame has been assembled only out of round pipes; no hooking into barriers; barriers and obstacles stay intact.
  • Three-point hitch, Cat. 1 / 2, (3 upon request)
  • Hitch for CUTs / cars / four-wheelers with mechanical or hydraulic swivel axis – easy to attach
  • Front rake equipped with lift lever for adjustable heights – extremely user-friendly 
  • Finishing back rake to stir track cushion perfectly
  • No extra equipment needed for track cupping elimination; cleared by normal use
  • Heavy levelling bar to compact and smoothen – suitable to your tracks
  • Galvanized models also available



  • Working widths: 1.40 -4.00m
  • Depth: 1.20m
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